I’ve wanted to throw my make-up opinions and thoughts at the internet for years. Like paint balloons at a white wall. Well, actually, the wall is already pretty colored, but I want my paint on it. I did start a blog before, but it was awful for a very large number of reasons. Some highlights from that failure include: I was fourteen and incredibly scene, I posted about twice and could not understand why no one had read them, and I have no money to fund any kind of product reviews.

So once more I throw myself into the valley of death.

I’m Effie, or Fi, and I am in a serious affair with make-up. Some of my friends look at make up and think “I could buy a lot of snacks with that money instead” where as I think “The baby has food. I can survive on mac and cheese.” Which is exactly why I have a problem I want to do this blog.

Aaron 183

I’m a young mother to a nine month old, and like any parent I’m just hoping I don’t mess her up. Trying to get into running, trying to cook more, and most importantly, trying to build up a make-up collection without spending literally all of my money.

Stick around to see awkward mom selfies me tackle the lovely world of blogging which I have long admired.


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