Jeffree Star Holiday Collection

I nabbed a Jeffree Star Cosmetics Holiday bundle from Beautylish, and it was a very stressful nab!


12 PM rolls around, the make-up is live, and what am I doing? Running around the office delivering mail, thinking to myself “Just take it! I need to order make-up don’t ask me how I am. I have a problem!”

When I make it back up to my desk my phone already has the website loaded, with the other colors (Posh Spice and Weirdo) that I want to order at the same time. Much to my dismay the site is crashing due to the heavy traffic. I put the holiday bundle in my cart and I go to checkout. It will simply not load past the shipping address, the load bar is mocking me looking like it has finished, but the screen never changes. In a panic I pull up Beautylish on my desktop, when I get to the Holiday Bundle the screen reads “Only 3 remaining – better grab this fast” (or something similar I didn’t have the place of mind to jot it down). ¬†Again the site crashes.

I wait a moment and hit refresh on my phone, finally, it loads to the next step and I get order confirmation.

Tuesday a beautiful package from Beautylish arrives, including limited edition tissue paper with Jeffree Star’s tattoos, and a hand written note.

I want to start with the color that surprised me the most, and that would be none other than Doll Parts. This shade wasn’t even in my top three that I was excited for, I did want to try it, since Jeffree hasn’t come out with such a soft pink before this. But for some unknown reason – I’m still not quite sure what it is about this color – I was incredibly drawn to the swatch I did.


This soft rosey color is very captivating to me. It’s beautiful without being too overbearing. On the day that I wore this color I had to buy a new car battery before work, as my car wouldn’t start in the morning. Did that get me down? (Okay, well, yeah maybe.) No! Because I was ready to kick ass and take names with this color.

I feel sassy in this color, but not so sassy that I don’t think people at work or in my everyday won’t take me seriously. It’s also not even approaching so subtle that people don’t notice you have a nice lipstick on. This pink and I could take on the world.

Please Note: The swatch pictures is not mine, I do not have the studio lighting or the lens to do this kind of swatch. This swatch was posted by Jeffree Star Cosmetics Instagram.


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