Tangent! 9 Months

9 months.jpg

On a complete tangent from make-up my daughter baby Indie turned 9 whole months old this month! It has been an incredible journey. For the first three weeks I don’t think that I set her down. I had incredible separation anxiety and I was entirely terrified of if she was okay when she wasn’t in my arms.

Now she seems to be learning a word a day (pronunciation is not her strong point, but she learns the just) and she can stand on her own. It freaks her own when she realizes that no one is helping her, but she’s taking tiny steps. I think she’ll be walking within the month.


This beautiful munchkin has saved my life. I’ve grown up so much, we learn so much all the time taking care of her. I love her so much. She captivates everyone that she meets with her vast eyes and her little words. I had no idea that babies could be this smart or have this much personality.

To tie in to this blog, she loves when I have bright or dramatic make-up on. Her fingers mush into my face with curiosity and smiles. I can’t afford as much make up because of, you know, diapers and baby stuff, but gosh is she worth it.

Aaron 171.JPG

Also can we talk about how cute Indie is trying to eat my travel make-up bag.


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