Colour POP! – First Impressions

This isn’t my package, I wish this was my package. This is what I googled to find a good picture of their cute packaging and make up.


Monday I got my first delivery from Colourpop Cosmetics, and I was eager to get it open and play with it. I did restrain myself to take pictures and do my make up in the morning instead of late at night. I love the packaging so much! It’s white, and the boxes have purple in the tabs and inside the box is turquoise. Two of my favorite colors.

Then the actual cosmetics, they are white as well, and have their flashy reflective name on it. I love it, it’s so simple and so pretty. I had a lot of fun taking some pictures like a dork last night.


This morning I put some light pink just above my crease, some cool brown in my crease and blended, then I took NYX jumbo eye shadow pencil in milk to my lid, after I blended that I patted on my new eye-shadow on with my finger. I got DGAF which is a high pigment, high shine,  high glitter color of heaven. My contour was on point and I used my new lippie stix in Oh Snap. Because hey OH SNAP I DGAF. I might put up a selfie if I remember later.

What I though:

I’m in love. I am. Everything is seriously so buttery, and soft. The eye shadow was so soft and bendable and pigmented. For $5 I will be getting SO many more of these. It has stayed in place incredibly well for such a reasonably priced eye-shadow. It has exceeded my exceptions by about a million light years. Plenty of high end eye-shadow is not this buttery and velvety.

The lippie stix are perfect for winter. They’re $5 as well and they as, surprise surprise, are super buttery too. Soft on the lips and really easy to apply as needed. In the winter my lips get chapped like it is their job, so stay all day lip stick can be hard if I really want some chap-stick but don’t want to mess up my lips. With this once it’s wearing thin (which was around lunch time, I had tacos. TACO TUESDAY. HELLS YES.) I just put on some cherry chap-stick and then re-apply this, and it feels amazing. My lips don’t hurt and I still feel really cute.

Especially in the winter lippies can be a problem for me, not only are my lips worse for wear but I’m allergic to a lot of the ‘medicinal’ lip balms out their, like baby and Burt’s bees burn my lips as if I’m applying fire balm, so finding a color that works for me and helps my lips feel softer is a gift from the cosmetic gods. Thank you Colourpop, I will be a returning customer.


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