Drug Lord Under the Mistletoe

Oh my God the Drama.


Oh my God the green. IT. IS. CHRISTMAS.


I was really intimidated to play with both of these if I’m honest. The green is incredibly bold and how do you use white on your lips when you’re self conscious about your teeth?  And if instead you want to use it on your eyes how first should you play?

I think part of why once I had it in my hand I was scared of what I would look like with it on. I think I realized it’s because right now green is so associated with goo and slime and aliens and zombies and gucky things. But this green screams Christmas.

And as I took a pizza out of the oven it hit me. I knew what I wanted to do. So I did it, in all the wrong order, but I did. I put on white eye liner before eye shadow, did green lips, mixed in some drug lord and patted to blend on the middle of my lips. Then I ate pizza before I took a single selfie. BUT Here YOU Go. Bad selfies of a theory for an overly enthusiastic elf or maybe a mermaid.



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