Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Eyeliner


Best shit ever.

This stuff completely changed my eye liner game when I was in high school, and while there are others that I have used and there are others that I still want to try it always comes back to this eye liner. I love how tiny the applicator is, I love that you shake it first and it has a little ball in there to mix up the formula. Do you know why? Because make-up, almost all of it, separates. Sometimes this doesn’t happen quickly, but especially with things like liquids they are going to separate.

I think that this problem is specific to mostly liquid eye liners and liquid lipsticks. I know that this also varies by brand. Now, I’ve used this without shaking it plenty, especially when it’s new. These last few months though while it’s been dying that shaking has saved my life. Without that little ball to move everything around in there it wouldn’t have kept working. All the remaining product would be stuck to the walls of the tube and I would have none on my eyes.

To me, this is hugely important. I just got a new one delivered last night, and the last time that I got one delivered or bought one you wonder? Freshman year of high school. I bought Perversion (matte black; the far right) and El Dorado (shimmery Bright gold color; the second from the left) and let me tell you, best $40 bucks. Well, maybe not the best. There is this one Indian restaurant that I was craving my whole pregnancy and when I finally got it my daughter was 2 months, so it had been basically a year coming and that might have been a more instantly enjoyed $40. But seriously, I did cat eye liner religiously in a lot of high school, and it hasn’t run out until now. Which is crazy to me and must be out of the norm. The Golden El Dorado is still going strong. I don’t use it too much, but it is such a beautiful golden sparkly color, and once it sets it is there to stay.


Lately I’ve seen a number of people swearing by Stila’s liquid eye liner, and I think that may be what I try out next. If anyone has ever tried it and can attest to this awesome-ness let me know! I’ll post a review once I finally get my hands on it, but seeing as I have a baby and it’s the holiday season who knows when that will happen.


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