Organix – First Impressions

I know that hair products are not make-up, but they fall under a pretty similar realm.


Organix makes this hair line with Moroccan argan oil, which, I have to wonder how it’s different from any old argan oil.

I’ve read a lot of mixed things about hair and argan oil. Just looking this picture up to show you what I’m talking about I saw some girl with a weird smile holding them up and giving them a thumbs down. Which is fine. It is just another example of how I seem to hear only two sides of the spectrum about this oil for your hair. I’ve seen people say it’s amazing and I’ve seen people say that it will just make your hair oily and look like it hasn’t been washed, and I’ve also seen people saying that oil is out right bad for your hair.

I really want to stress: Oil is not bad for your hair. Your scalp produces oils for a reason and that reason isn’t just to make it look greasy. Oil helps smooth and protect your hair. The problem lies with Too Much oil, not just oil period. And a shampoo isn’t going to give you too much oil, showering too often is. By washing your hair everyday you are telling your body that it needs to make more oil, which in turn makes you keep showering. A good balance is only washing your hair three times a week. I’m serious. It’s science. Google it. Or don’t, because google lies.

Anyway, one of my friends used this shampoo and I’m not kidding their hair growth doubled in speed. It looked like it was growing an inch a month. It was crazy, and since then I’ve been pretty curious. I also didn’t really want to try this since I’ve been on a get healthy and go natural kind of kick lately.

I don’t like chemicals, and I’ve tried everything to get away from them. Baking soda and Apple Vinegar did nothing for my dandruff, caused by baby hormones, but that’s for another post. I’ve tried Lush shampoos. I’ve tried head and shoulders. I’ve tried Garnier or whatever. I’ve tried everything. So I decided to try this too.

My hair. Is so. SOFT. HOLY SHIT. My hair is so soft. And so far it’s been helping with my scalp caused by baby. So overall I really like it. It smells good, my hair is like silk, it doesn’t get knotted as quickly during the day.

I’m not sure about the product, I usually try and stay away from sulfates, but nothing without sulfates has been actually making my hair feel healthy. So here I am. Back with a normal shampoo.


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