Sephora Birthday – NARS


This year the Beauty Insider birthday gift was two NARS lip pencils, one red matte and one pink satin finish. When I ordered my new Perversion liquid eyeliner I added my birthday gift to my bag, and I’ve been pretty excited about it.

For one, the packaging is simple and nice. The best part about it though is that the top of the pencil has an air cushion that makes it harder to stick your pencil too far in and ruin the tip, which I for one appreciate.

They’re really pigmented and soft. And the swatches I did on my hand are still visible today and I even took a bath with them still on my hand. So far I’m pretty impressed since it’s a lip pencil.

Regardless I never really use a lip pencil for staying power or anything like that. If I want my color to lock I use a liquid to matte lipstick, but still it can be nice to have something so silky on your lips.

I’ve also been pretty curious about NARS in general. I mostly want to try their foundation, but this was still a great way to get some of their products for free.

If you haven’t signed up to be a Beauty Insider, one, you’re insane, and two you need to. Even if you aren’t making it to VIB every year or ever getting something free on your birthday is pretty awesome. And if you’re thinking that it’s just some too small to matter samples think again. I still have and use my 2013 birthday gift.



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