I’m going in Hard – Weirdo’s Birthday

On my birthday, which was also Black Friday this year, I went really intense on the make up.


I love dark lipstick and since I got Weirdo by Jeffree Star Cosmetics I haven’t had a chance to wear it on my lips, only on my eyes when my Urban Decay liner had run out. Since, you know, black isn’t exactly a good color to wear to work.


I love this lipstick so much. I needed this lipstick when I was still in school and wearing crappy, awful black lipstick from Hot Topic. I could have ruled my halls with this look. I know selfies, especially on my phone for some reason, do not do my make up justice but my face was a perfect punk resting bitch face and it was amazing.

I went to Potbelly with this on, and I ate a Big Italian and barely had to touch up.

This black lipstick is life.


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