Eyes on the 80s Palette


Eyes on the 80s is a colorful palette by BHCosmetics. It ran with two sister palettes which were the 70s and 60s palettes. If you want one now I think your best bet is Glambot, which is a website where you can buy and sell gently used make-up, but there is a middle man. So you aren’t getting crap and they will clean off the make-up before sending it to you.

Or you can get the Take me to Brazil palette or one of the 120 color palettes, which I will be getting soon because they’re almost always on sale. Right now they’re only $10 for 120 colors. As you can see, you have a lot of Really reasonably priced options to choose from.

Anyway, I love this palette mostly because I love BHCosmetics. The colors are pigmented and blend-able, but they can be calm colors if you apply them that way. The make-up they sell is always incredibly reasonably priced and you get a higher quality at a drug store (or lower) price basically.


This palette has the right colors to do rainbow eyes, and the right colors to do something more subtle and nude.

Each of these colors comes out exactly how it looks in its color pot on the palette, and you don’t have to make a big dent in it to get it onto your brush.

I highly recommend one of their palettes if you want to play with color, you can get a good feel for blending and looks you can do with brights without getting something really expensive. Inglot (right) is a great brand, or Make-Up Forever (left) if you want incredibly pigmented bright colors, but it’s going to run you a lot more money.

This palette does have a thin plastic sheet which folds over it because of the heart shapes on it and I am very grateful for that. There is perforation on it, so I would guess that some do take the cover off. I don’t recommend that.

You shouldn’t keep your make-up in a damp place like the bathroom, but if you do you really should not remove covers like that. Without a cover the moisture will do even more damage to your make up.


I did a colorful look with this palette and Jeffree Star’s Masochist. At first I did it with 714 but it just screamed SPRING TIME at your face as if to somehow emphasize that it is not spring. It is fall, and it is cold as balls outside and that will not change for months. So I changed my lipstick.



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