Tangent! – I’ve been distracted.

Lately I’ve had a lot more on my hands around the house because we went gluten free. This is something that I mostly talk about my co-workers who are also gluten free for various reasons.

My reason being that my main squeeze has Fibromyalgia and we are hoping this helps with the pain a little. There are days he can’t take baby Indi out to play, and instead has to sit in her room while she plays in her crib, there are days that I wake up at 3 AM because he is in shambles, in too much pain to sleep.

I wasn’t really sure about how much of my personal life to stick in here, since lets face it, if you’re following me chances are you signed up for make up blog.

I just want to try and post everyday, but that’s really hard when you suddenly cannot eat unless you cook yourself. There is basically nothing ready made that is not gluten free.


I did sneak some, and it made me feel awful. I also haven’t had any small patches of hives on my chest anymore, so this has been a good thing. But oh my gosh it’s so hard.


To top off all that cooking the little one is also able to take one step by herself, I’m sure that she could take more but doesn’t want to. It kind of scares her.


So then you get to top off all the cooking with the cleaning to make sure she won’t be able to reach everything and make sure everywhere she will be going is clean.

I think for the time being I’m going to try and post 5 times a week, including weekends. Then tackle the issue of trying to do that M – F.

So anyway, my make-up this week has mostly just been some BB cream to moisturize and add a little color to my pale face, and getting my make-up organized. I haven’t felt well enough to get up very early.

However, I think I’ll be doing at least poor selfies and how I did my make up that day, because it’s Christmas less people are in the office to judge my colorful make-up.

And I’ll be re-dying my hair soon, so there will be that.

Now, you can go ahead and think I’m crazy since I only have 3 followers and this isn’t necessary. That’s fine. I wanted to post and this is really all I can manage at the moment.

I suck. It’s okay.

Sneak Peek of what I’m going to talk about tomorrow.

I might also be doing some wishlist items and why I want to get this vs that because my budge is super tight and I have to get other people presents right now, as well as some real talk about make-up and DIY on a budget. Where I splurg and why. That kind of thing, because I just can’t get new make-up everyday. That’d be crazy.

(I can dream though)


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