Sassy Posh Spice – A nude

Posh spice is a beautiful nude color great for this Minnesotan winter that feels like fall still.


At first when I was this color… I didn’t like it. At all really. I thought it would be one of those colors that looks unique so I get it, but then never wear it. Like that dress in my closet from a year ago.

Every time that there was a new look that Jeffree Star Cosmetics reposted, I wanted it a little more. Eventually, I decided that I had to have it. So when I order my holiday bundle from Beautylish I added it on. It had grown on me.

I love nudes.

But I usually don’t love wearing nude lipsticks, I usually prefer something more bold. Red, Crimson, Black, Brown, and crazy colors like green and blue. I think why this nude won me is that it is just different enough that it is still pronounced and sassy on the lip.

The left is when it was just applied and still a little wet, and the right is after a bit of drying time. I love this color because it doesn’t scream at you, but it really isn’t that subtly there. I don’t see pictures of this color and wonder if it’s lipstick or just their lips, it’s definitely lipstick.

Not only did I like this color for fall, but with pastels being so big in make-up for winter this would be great with some pastel eye shadow. Plus it still feels like fall in Minnesota right now.


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