Brushes Brushes Brushes

There are so many brushes to be bought out there, and honestly, you cannot have too many. And you cannot have too many nice brushes.

BH is the cheapest route, but also the lower quality. I highly suggest getting brushes from a make-up store rather than a Target brand brush. Now, I know they are more expensive, but brushes are worth the splurge.

Before I really go into the different brands that you should look into, here’s why it’s important not to skimp on brushes.

  1. Brushes make your look – If you buy yourself a really nice eye shadow or contour to treat yourself and all your brushes are shit, your nice make up will look like shit when it goes on. It will be a waste of product and time. It might look fine, but your make-up will never be as good as you can do with bad brushes. On the other hand, less expensive eye shadow will look better when applied with a nice brush.
  2. You need to clean your brushes – Brushes need to be cleaned after use to keep from growing bacteria, I’ll get into that in another post, but if your brushes are poorly made cleaning will cause you strife. The glue is a lot more likely to wear, and your brush head will come off the handle.
  3. Soft brushes are your skin’s friend – Using a soft, nice brush to do your foundation will help prevent wrinkles. And I like that.

Now, to the kind of brushes that I recommend.

Real Techniques and BH Cosmetics Brushes 

Both are reasonably prices, Real Techniques will run you a bit more but they are of a higher quality. This pink set is the one I own (I just nabbed a picture off the google for both of these) and I am currently scouring local stores in search of RT brush sets. I need some. So badly.

These are perfect if you are trying to do more with your make-up but don’t want to shell out the big bucks for brushes.

Real techniques were created by Pixiwoo on YouTube and (at least when I first started following them) work(ed?) for MAC as make-up artisits. And the brushes are about $4-30 depending on if they are in a set or part of the holiday collection. The ones pictured above (left) are all about $4-8 each.

BH is a pretty new company and is really reasonably priced, when you get a set the brushes usually are about $1-2 a brush, which is amazing for the quality they have.

Morphe Brushes, Sigma, and MAC Cosmetics brushes

Now, these brands are the best. Make-up artisits like Jeffree Star, Nikkie(tutorials), xsparkage, and basically ALL other make-up guru’s use.


Now, these brushes… are the best. They are amazing, and they are a perfect thing to ask your rich grandma to get you for Christmas. I have 3 whole MAC brushes and one of the cheaper Morphe sets from their Black Friday sale.

But, the cold truth is they can be $25 a brush, which is, a massive amount! I love my mac brushes though, they are my ride or die. Sigma is on my maybe someday wish list, but right now I can’t spend $25 on a brush.

HOWEVER, if you are really serious about make-up and you want to treat yourself, watch some tutorials by Jeffree, or Pixiwoo (the sisters that made Real Techniques) and see which brushes you want. Get yourself one or two.

For me, the MAC 217 is my favorite brush that I own. It’s a blending brush and my soul brush.



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