Organix – First Impressions

I know that hair products are not make-up, but they fall under a pretty similar realm.


Organix makes this hair line with Moroccan argan oil, which, I have to wonder how it’s different from any old argan oil.

I’ve read a lot of mixed things about hair and argan oil. Just looking this picture up to show you what I’m talking about I saw some girl with a weird smile holding them up and giving them a thumbs down. Which is fine. It is just another example of how I seem to hear only two sides of the spectrum about this oil for your hair. I’ve seen people say it’s amazing and I’ve seen people say that it will just make your hair oily and look like it hasn’t been washed, and I’ve also seen people saying that oil is out right bad for your hair.

I really want to stress: Oil is not bad for your hair. Your scalp produces oils for a reason and that reason isn’t just to make it look greasy. Oil helps smooth and protect your hair. The problem lies with Too Much oil, not just oil period. And a shampoo isn’t going to give you too much oil, showering too often is. By washing your hair everyday you are telling your body that it needs to make more oil, which in turn makes you keep showering. A good balance is only washing your hair three times a week. I’m serious. It’s science. Google it. Or don’t, because google lies.

Anyway, one of my friends used this shampoo and I’m not kidding their hair growth doubled in speed. It looked like it was growing an inch a month. It was crazy, and since then I’ve been pretty curious. I also didn’t really want to try this since I’ve been on a get healthy and go natural kind of kick lately.

I don’t like chemicals, and I’ve tried everything to get away from them. Baking soda and Apple Vinegar did nothing for my dandruff, caused by baby hormones, but that’s for another post. I’ve tried Lush shampoos. I’ve tried head and shoulders. I’ve tried Garnier or whatever. I’ve tried everything. So I decided to try this too.

My hair. Is so. SOFT. HOLY SHIT. My hair is so soft. And so far it’s been helping with my scalp caused by baby. So overall I really like it. It smells good, my hair is like silk, it doesn’t get knotted as quickly during the day.

I’m not sure about the product, I usually try and stay away from sulfates, but nothing without sulfates has been actually making my hair feel healthy. So here I am. Back with a normal shampoo.


Stuff Your Face, Stuff it Real Good

The time has come to unbutton your pants, leave your belt at home, or just wear sweatpants. Or no pants at all if your family is like that.

It’s Thanksgiving.

Now, since I’ve had a baby I get food babies like most will not understand. My tummy muscles can stretch and relax down there really easy, and let me tell you, when I have a big dinner I look 3-4 months pregnant. Which, actually, isn’t that pregnant. I just get this tiny little bump that is exactly what i had when baby Indie was so small that I couldn’t really feel her kicks. Just her occasional extreme sport summer-salt.

My work had a potluck on Wednesday, so I already have eaten a lot. Plus on Tuesday we got a department lunch for meeting some yearly goals, and it was on Taco Tuesday, so needless to say, I stuffed my face.

Most people have Turkey, Potatoes, Stuffing, all that. We… aren’t? At least mostly. We have potatoes and cranberry stuff and green bean casserole. My main squeeze is trying to start a briar pipe business and it’s been quite the money zapper. Plus, you know, I got my birthday make-up for myself already. So I didn’t really want to go all out, but I did want to cook for my family.

I have a lot to be thankful for. Even if we aren’t having the full on typical dinner tonight. We will be with family this weekend, just not tonight.

I hope that everyone is having a good night, whether it’s with a big family or not, eating food and enjoying another year seeing people be stupid. I don’t really believe in seeing family you don’t get along with simply because you should, so I hope you’re with people you want to be around this holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Eyeliner


Best shit ever.

This stuff completely changed my eye liner game when I was in high school, and while there are others that I have used and there are others that I still want to try it always comes back to this eye liner. I love how tiny the applicator is, I love that you shake it first and it has a little ball in there to mix up the formula. Do you know why? Because make-up, almost all of it, separates. Sometimes this doesn’t happen quickly, but especially with things like liquids they are going to separate.

I think that this problem is specific to mostly liquid eye liners and liquid lipsticks. I know that this also varies by brand. Now, I’ve used this without shaking it plenty, especially when it’s new. These last few months though while it’s been dying that shaking has saved my life. Without that little ball to move everything around in there it wouldn’t have kept working. All the remaining product would be stuck to the walls of the tube and I would have none on my eyes.

To me, this is hugely important. I just got a new one delivered last night, and the last time that I got one delivered or bought one you wonder? Freshman year of high school. I bought Perversion (matte black; the far right) and El Dorado (shimmery Bright gold color; the second from the left) and let me tell you, best $40 bucks. Well, maybe not the best. There is this one Indian restaurant that I was craving my whole pregnancy and when I finally got it my daughter was 2 months, so it had been basically a year coming and that might have been a more instantly enjoyed $40. But seriously, I did cat eye liner religiously in a lot of high school, and it hasn’t run out until now. Which is crazy to me and must be out of the norm. The Golden El Dorado is still going strong. I don’t use it too much, but it is such a beautiful golden sparkly color, and once it sets it is there to stay.


Lately I’ve seen a number of people swearing by Stila’s liquid eye liner, and I think that may be what I try out next. If anyone has ever tried it and can attest to this awesome-ness let me know! I’ll post a review once I finally get my hands on it, but seeing as I have a baby and it’s the holiday season who knows when that will happen.

Colour POP! – First Impressions

This isn’t my package, I wish this was my package. This is what I googled to find a good picture of their cute packaging and make up.


Monday I got my first delivery from Colourpop Cosmetics, and I was eager to get it open and play with it. I did restrain myself to take pictures and do my make up in the morning instead of late at night. I love the packaging so much! It’s white, and the boxes have purple in the tabs and inside the box is turquoise. Two of my favorite colors.

Then the actual cosmetics, they are white as well, and have their flashy reflective name on it. I love it, it’s so simple and so pretty. I had a lot of fun taking some pictures like a dork last night.


This morning I put some light pink just above my crease, some cool brown in my crease and blended, then I took NYX jumbo eye shadow pencil in milk to my lid, after I blended that I patted on my new eye-shadow on with my finger. I got DGAF which is a high pigment, high shine,  high glitter color of heaven. My contour was on point and I used my new lippie stix in Oh Snap. Because hey OH SNAP I DGAF. I might put up a selfie if I remember later.

What I though:

I’m in love. I am. Everything is seriously so buttery, and soft. The eye shadow was so soft and bendable and pigmented. For $5 I will be getting SO many more of these. It has stayed in place incredibly well for such a reasonably priced eye-shadow. It has exceeded my exceptions by about a million light years. Plenty of high end eye-shadow is not this buttery and velvety.

The lippie stix are perfect for winter. They’re $5 as well and they as, surprise surprise, are super buttery too. Soft on the lips and really easy to apply as needed. In the winter my lips get chapped like it is their job, so stay all day lip stick can be hard if I really want some chap-stick but don’t want to mess up my lips. With this once it’s wearing thin (which was around lunch time, I had tacos. TACO TUESDAY. HELLS YES.) I just put on some cherry chap-stick and then re-apply this, and it feels amazing. My lips don’t hurt and I still feel really cute.

Especially in the winter lippies can be a problem for me, not only are my lips worse for wear but I’m allergic to a lot of the ‘medicinal’ lip balms out their, like baby and Burt’s bees burn my lips as if I’m applying fire balm, so finding a color that works for me and helps my lips feel softer is a gift from the cosmetic gods. Thank you Colourpop, I will be a returning customer.

Drug Lord Under the Mistletoe

Oh my God the Drama.


Oh my God the green. IT. IS. CHRISTMAS.


I was really intimidated to play with both of these if I’m honest. The green is incredibly bold and how do you use white on your lips when you’re self conscious about your teeth?  And if instead you want to use it on your eyes how first should you play?

I think part of why once I had it in my hand I was scared of what I would look like with it on. I think I realized it’s because right now green is so associated with goo and slime and aliens and zombies and gucky things. But this green screams Christmas.

And as I took a pizza out of the oven it hit me. I knew what I wanted to do. So I did it, in all the wrong order, but I did. I put on white eye liner before eye shadow, did green lips, mixed in some drug lord and patted to blend on the middle of my lips. Then I ate pizza before I took a single selfie. BUT Here YOU Go. Bad selfies of a theory for an overly enthusiastic elf or maybe a mermaid.


Tangent! 9 Months

9 months.jpg

On a complete tangent from make-up my daughter baby Indie turned 9 whole months old this month! It has been an incredible journey. For the first three weeks I don’t think that I set her down. I had incredible separation anxiety and I was entirely terrified of if she was okay when she wasn’t in my arms.

Now she seems to be learning a word a day (pronunciation is not her strong point, but she learns the just) and she can stand on her own. It freaks her own when she realizes that no one is helping her, but she’s taking tiny steps. I think she’ll be walking within the month.


This beautiful munchkin has saved my life. I’ve grown up so much, we learn so much all the time taking care of her. I love her so much. She captivates everyone that she meets with her vast eyes and her little words. I had no idea that babies could be this smart or have this much personality.

To tie in to this blog, she loves when I have bright or dramatic make-up on. Her fingers mush into my face with curiosity and smiles. I can’t afford as much make up because of, you know, diapers and baby stuff, but gosh is she worth it.

Aaron 171.JPG

Also can we talk about how cute Indie is trying to eat my travel make-up bag.

Androgyny – Love Me


Months before Jeffree Star had even announced that his cosmetic line was going to have a five color Holiday collection, he was in pictures wearing Androgyny and there wasn’t anything tagged about what his lip color was. Usually, he has most of his products listed when he’s all dolled up. When the name did get listed there wasn’t much fuss about it, and I don’t think it was noticed by many. But I knew I had to have it, I had to have Androgyny.

Shade after shade was released, and while they have all been gorgeous, Androgyny was not getting released. All the time I was hoping that the next color would be it. When the announcement did come with the name more officially than before everyone found out that not only did we have to wait until November for this shade, but it was going to be a limited batch Holiday color.

Lucky for me, November is my birthday month, so I can rationalize getting myself more make-up than I usually would.

I was most excited about this shade even when all of the beauties were announced. But when I was done doing little swatches on my arm after the package arrived I played around with mixing. Apparently Doll Parts plus Posh Spice equals a color almost identical to Androgyny. After I realized that, I put Androgyny over the mix color I made, and wore the beauty until I went to bed.

Aaron 291.JPG

My main squeeze took this picture of me, and I actually quite like it. I do actually think that I am a pretty person, especially when I feel fresh or have on point make-up, but I don’t think that I’m very photogenic. Aaron can get some pictures of me that I like, and this is a great example.