Androgyny – Love Me


Months before Jeffree Star had even announced that his cosmetic line was going to have a five color Holiday collection, he was in pictures wearing Androgyny and there wasn’t anything tagged about what his lip color was. Usually, he has most of his products listed when he’s all dolled up. When the name did get listed there wasn’t much fuss about it, and I don’t think it was noticed by many. But I knew I had to have it, I had to have Androgyny.

Shade after shade was released, and while they have all been gorgeous, Androgyny was not getting released. All the time I was hoping that the next color would be it. When the announcement did come with the name more officially than before everyone found out that not only did we have to wait until November for this shade, but it was going to be a limited batch Holiday color.

Lucky for me, November is my birthday month, so I can rationalize getting myself more make-up than I usually would.

I was most excited about this shade even when all of the beauties were announced. But when I was done doing little swatches on my arm after the package arrived I played around with mixing. Apparently Doll Parts plus Posh Spice equals a color almost identical to Androgyny. After I realized that, I put Androgyny over the mix color I made, and wore the beauty until I went to bed.

Aaron 291.JPG

My main squeeze took this picture of me, and I actually quite like it. I do actually think that I am a pretty person, especially when I feel fresh or have on point make-up, but I don’t think that I’m very photogenic. Aaron can get some pictures of me that I like, and this is a great example.


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